College / University / Public library - Haitian Corner

College / University / Public library - Haitian Corner

Haitian Corner, Raoul Peck's first feature film (1988) restored in HD.

College / University / Public library.

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264,00 € tax incl.

NTSC DVD 9 (PAL compatible).

Region free.

Original version: French and Haitian creole

Subtitles available: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German

Sound: 2.0

Duration: 98 minutes.


DVD sleeve in both English and French.


Special feature:

Film introduction by Raoul Peck

(6 min. English and French)


College / University / Public library:

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Synopsis: Patrick Bossuet often visits the Haitian Corner bookstore in New York, frequented by many exiles who also fled President François Duvalier’s dictatorial régime in Haiti. One day he thinks he recognizes one of his torturers. This possibility then plunges him right back into a past that he was trying to forget. A past marked by seven years in prison. From now on, his sole purpose will be to find his torturer again, and have his revenge. But this search will have its consequences...



On pense aux premiers films d’un John Cassavetes (« Faces »). 



Raoul Peck has a feeling for strong images.

Fred Zaugg, DER BUND


A work of an honest inspiration, noble and passionate.

Sauro Borelli, L'UNITA



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