Home video/Private use - Man by the Shore

Home video/Private use - Man by the Shore

Man by the Shore, Raoul Peck's masterpiece about the Duvalier's dictatorship (official competition at Cannes Film Festival 1993) available for the first time on DVD.

Home video/Private use only.

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25,00 € tax incl.

NTSC DVD 9 (PAL compatible).

Region free.

Original version: French and Haitian creole

Subtitles available: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German

Sound: 2.0

Duration: 105 minutes.


DVD sleeve in both English and French.


Special features:

- Film introduction by Raoul Peck

(6 min. English and French)

- Un temps mis en conserve, Shooting journal of Man by the Shore

A film by Cesar Paes (27 min. English and French)


Home video/Private use only:

This individual purchase price does not grant public performance rights, including classroom screenings. It is for home viewing purposes ONLY.


Synopsis: Haiti, early 1960s. Sarah is eight. In a ghost town, she lives threatened by Janvier, head of the Tontons Macoutes, who prowls ready to strike at random. Hunkered down in the family attic, she invents games and rituals befitting her age. But she witnesses an incredibly violent scene, which would force her parents to flee the country. She is put in the hands of her loving grandmother, Camille Desroullière. Today an adult, Sarah has trouble bringing back her memories. “It’s just a bad dream, my darling, just a bad dream”, her grandmother kept telling her, all the same. 



"The narrowly focused story told by Mr. Peck achieves its universality by magnifying the impact of oppression on one family" 

The New York Times


A gripping, beautifully composed and acted treatment of a terrifying era that's not over yet. (…) A touching portrait of disturbed kiddyhood mixed with stern political polemic, Peck's accomplished film centres on Haiti's special boot-boy militia, the notorious Tontons Macoutes



Raoul Peck has cast "Man by the Shore" expertly.

The New York Times



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